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FTP Upload

Steps to Remember

  • In order to access our Secure FTP site, email your Formost Representative for your Username and Password information
  • Put all files in a folder and compress very large files using Zip or Stuffit compression software

Submitting Your Files

  • Always send and email copy of all pages submitted to FORMost. (If you are submitting your artwork via FTP, please email a PDF to your FORMost Representative or CSR.)
  • Use email for smaller file submissions. Avoid email submissions of 9MB or larger
  • FTP can be used for any size compressed file. You will need to contact your FORMost Representative or CSR for access to the FTP

FTP Instructions for Users Going Through Windows File Explorer

  1. Go to: Windows File Explorer
  2. In the address bar type in
  3. A window will pop-up for your user name and password, which we will provide. (This folder is designated for you. It is secure and no one else can get to it except for our designated user here at FORMost)
  4. Drag & Drop -or- Copy & Paste your file into this screen to upload. Once the upload in complete, you will see your file in the window
  5. Close your file explorer and you will be logged out. You must notify FORMost that you have uploaded the files

FTP Instructions for Users Using a FTP Client Program

If you are using a program such as Fetch or File Zilla, you can get to our FTP site using: Login using the user name and password we provided.