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5 Fun and Practical Back-to-School Promotional Items to Consider for September

5 Fun and Practical Back-to-School Promotional Items to Consider for September

Discover a few fun and practical back-to-school promotional items for September!

Unfortunately, summer is coming to a close. Believe it or not, Labor day is next week and families are trying to make it out the beach one last time before the school year is in full swing. September is an excellent time of the year for giving away promotional items. Keep reading and discover a few fun and practical back-to-school promotional items for next month!

Standard Water Bottle Labels

People drink from plastic water bottles all the time. Since this is the case, why not take advantage of water bottle labels for your advertising efforts? Water bottles are inexpensive, and most people will gladly take a free water bottle during this time of the year. Each time they reach for a water bottle to take a sip from one they will see your business’s logo/name.

Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks have been popular for several years. They are perfect for the student-athlete who needs a way to carry around their cleats, jersey, socks, mouthguard, etc. These are even more ideal for children because they are lightweight and are easy to use.

Ceramic Mugs

It is impossible to have too many mugs! Even if you are not a coffee drinker, they can also be used for hot beverages like hot chocolate or tea. They are an excellent promotional item for businesses because they are practical and usually last several years.

Single Twist Pens

Now that students are returning to school, it won’t be long before many of them start to become low supplies. Even with the reliance on computers in schools these days, writing utensils are a necessity. Single twist pens are excellent promotional items because they can easily be purchased in mass quantities.

Aluminum Sport Bottles

Every child should have at least one quality sport bottles. Children are always running around and therefore need always to have access to plenty of water. Aluminum sport bottles can be put in the dishwasher and are an excellent promotional item for all ages.

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