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Business Forms & Checks

At FORMost Graphic Communications, your document security and business security are two of our biggest priorities. We offer a full suite of business forms and secure checks, including business software compatible tax forms, e-filing forms, and business checks.

Tax Forms & E-Filing

Tax time can be a time-consuming and stressful affair without the right partner for your tax forms and e-file forms. FORMost Graphic Communications offers a comprehensive range of business software-compatible tax forms and e-filing forms, including:

  • 1099 tax forms
    • Pre-packaged sets
    • Laser
    • Continuous forms
    • Pressure seal forms
  • W-2 tax forms
    • Pre-packaged sets
    • Laser
    • Continuous forms
    • Pressure seal forms

Our easy-to-use tax forms don’t require your business to do the time-consuming ordeal of folding forms, inserting them into envelopes, and mailing them out. Instead, our pressure seal folder sealers can process your pressure seal tax forms at a rate of up to 40,000 an hour. You will experience new levels of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. FORMost also offers Pressure Seal equipment to process all of your self-mailing forms, from payroll checks to 1009s.

Electronic Forms

Our e-forms include 1099s, W-2s, and ACA forms. FORMost’s online electronic filing system is straightforward and secure, so you can rest assured that your business’s information reaches its destination safely. Our electronic forms are designed to be quick, and they integrate with a variety of other apps that you use to run your business. You also won’t need to worry about saving, printing, and storing copies of your tax and business forms for storage, saving you money, space, and time.

Continuous Forms

FORMost offers continuous forms, designed to perform on numerous types of equipment and run smoothly through your machines.

Label Forms

Our integrated label forms effortlessly combine shipping labels with invoices and packing lists for an easy shipping process. Our label forms save employee time and streamline your packing and shipping processes.

Other Forms

In addition to the options above, FORMost Graphic Communications also provides:

  • Banking forms
    • Deposit forms
    • Payroll forms
  • OCR forms
  • NCR forms
  • Computer stock forms in numerous sizes including cut sheet, continuous, punched, perforated, carbonless, and more.
  • Snap Set Forms/Unit Sets


We offer a wide variety of secure, premium checks available in numerous layouts for high-quality, MICR documents that can satisfy any business’s check requirements. Our check options include:

  • Blank laser checks, available with numerous document security features to protect your business
  • Pressure seal checks, for optimal efficiency and security
  • Custom laser business checks designed to meet your business’s needs

Business Forms and Labels from FORMost


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