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Eco Friendly Promotional Products

These days, being a consumer can be confusing and downright overwhelming. Should we be eating gluten? Grass-fed beef? A raw diet? Free-range chickens? Vegetarian? Vegan? Organic? We are questioning  BPA in our drinkware, Triclosan in our soap, and various chemicals in our beauty products. Our nightly news is peppered with new findings from studies by the FDA and independent groups. Take multivitamins, don’t take multivitamins, drink a glass a wine a day, but not more than one. Eat a Mediterranean diet, eat a low-carb diet, eat more fish (but not certain fish), more pomegranates, more kale, more …ahhhh!

Perhaps the ignorance we experienced as consumers in the 1980s was bliss. But, now with a host of new information, studies, and findings, we need to sift through this information and try to be informed consumers.

One controversial chemical that happens to affect the promotional products industry is BPA. BPA is a plastic commonly used in plastic bottles and food packaging since the 1960s. It has been and continues to be questioned for its link to cancer in animals. (Scientific research has yet to confirm this hazard for humans.) It continues to be a controversy with the FDA releasing just last month that “BPA is safe at very low levels that occur in some foods” and “the use of BPA in food packaging and containers is safe.” Still, many experts are advising people not to heat plastic containers containing BPA in the microwave. And beverage and baby product manufacturers alike have agreed to eliminate BPA from their products. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, consumers and manufacturers seem to be playing it safe.

At FORMost, we’re playing it safe, too, by offering our customers a wide variety of BPA-free promotional beverage and food containers. Until we figure out whether or not this chemical is harmful, we’re leaving out the BPA and we’re doing it in a variety of colors and sizes. Call one of our Sales Consultants for help selecting one of our best-selling and SAFE promotional items.



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