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Tamper Evident Labels | Maryland Printers

In keeping with our “Closer Look” series, here’s a unique product that probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of FORMost: tamper evident seals. They are certainly not a product used by all, but to those who do rely on them, they are invaluable.

Tamper evident labels and seals are used to detect tampering of containers and access points. When the label is removed, it will self-destruct to indicate that the seal has been broken.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video: Tamper Evident Label in Action


Tamper Evident Labels are used for:

o    Automotive & parts labels

o    Electrical & electronic goods

o    Durable goods

o    Disk drives

o    Secure packaging

o    Liquor containers

o    Aircraft and automotive inspection and maintenance

o    Software and media packaging protection

o    Warranty seals


Tamper evident labels are used for:

o    Secure packaging

o    Evidence and crime scene investigation and forensics

o    Public utility enclosures or meters

o    Gaming equipment

o    Voting and balloting equipment

o    Fireman storage and control

o    Aircraft and automotive inspection and maintenance

o    Shipping and logistics control, particularly for international or interstate commerce

o    Software and media packaging protection

o    Banking and financial security documentation


FORMost has a large selection of stock security labels with superior tamper evident performance. Custom security labels are also available to meet your needs. Call us for a sample or for pricing information at 301-424-4242 or email us at


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