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What is Pick and Pack?

Packing around the world

Are you curious about how businesses ship their wares all over the world? In this post, we discuss the process of Pick and Pack.

The term Pick and Pack is probably a phrase that most people don’t recognize, but it’s important in the business world. Both small and big businesses use this process to fill out orders if they participate in the eCommerce trade. In this post, we will explain what pick and pack mean, how it’s used in the world of business, and the benefits of this process. 

Pick and Pack: An Explanation

Pick, and Pack is a style of order fulfillment used primarily by eCommerce retailers that receive small orders that are shipped around the world. Instead of shipping large amounts of goods as some businesses do, eCommerce organizations employ workers to pick single items from large cartons on warehouse shelves then pack them into boxes that are then shipped to customers around the world. The process not only saves the workers handling time but gives them easy access to the items and if organized correctly the operation is seamless. With every process, there are different approaches to make the practice even more efficient.

Pick and Pack Procedures

With any process, especially in business, there is a multitude of ways to do one job. Specifically, with picking and packing, there are four picking techniques that business use depending on certain aspects. The first picking strategy is Piece Picking; this process is used primarily in a smaller warehouse. This practice has workers picking orders one at a time as orders come in. The second strategy is Batch Picking; this strategy is used when the traffic in the warehouse is heavier, thus making the process is more efficient. This one is similar to the first, but the workers fulfill more than one order at a time. The third strategy is Zone Picking, and this process is a bit more complicated and is used in the larger warehouses. This strategy is used by dividing the warehouse into different zones, and each worker is assigned to different zones. When an order comes in the workers, pick items from their zone, and pass the boxes usually on conveyor belts to other workers in another zone. Finally, Wave Picking is a combination of zone and batch picking. This process is used primarily for business that has expectations of orders being in stock and shipped within 24 or 48 hours like Amazon, for example.  

The Benefits

Centers that offer pick and pack services make it easy for organizations to offer different products from online stores to you, the customer. Also, using workers who are skilled pick and packers are cost effective because you don’t have to get items from different storage buildings and send them to another to be sent out. Having skilled workers not only increases customer satisfaction by accurately fill out orders and have them shipped out in no time. Also, these skilled workers can handle the fluctuations in order numbers and manage busy periods as well.

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