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Best Promo Products for Home Offices

Best Promo Products for Home Offices

Every home office needs at least one promo product.

While communities are coming back together after the pandemic, many businesses like yours continue the trend of remote work. Remote work has its benefits, but the at-home office certainly can have a sense of distance from the company itself. How does one keep connected for the long-term? Promotional products! Some of the best promo products for home offices are listed below.


Mugs and thermoses are an ever-popular choice, and they will likely continue to be as long as people need to hydrate. Drinkware with your company name and logo and color on it can help you and your employees keep connected in a memorable way at home, in the office, or on the go.

Notebook & Pen

The best promo products for home offices must include office supplies. What is an office without office supplies, after all? A highly popular home office gift is the notebook and pen set. This set can be plastic or paper-based, and can be made from recycled materials. FORMost Graphic Communications offers this very product, which you can view here.

Wall Calendar

Meanwhile, busy employees often need a way to keep track of the days, weeks, and months. A wall calendar can not only help them stay productive and remember important dates, but also brighten up their space with a memorable and appealing photo. Take this “Landscapes of America” wall calendar in FORMost’s catalog as an example.

Corporate Apparel

Whether you look forward to greeting your team members at a corporate event, go to a recreational event, or supply your team’s wardrobe, corporate apparel can be a practical and effective marketing option. At home, people will likely be interested in T-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts. 

Lite Ring

Technology items are certainly on this list of most popular promo products for home offices. Whether meeting with coworkers online or with a long-distance client, you will always need to hold a video meeting at some point. A Lite Ring is a handy device that improves your lighting; no more unprofessional lighting anymore!


Home offices aren’t complete without some element of fun in them. Treat your employees with treats they will enjoy or find useful, such as mints, candy jars, cookies, or lollipops. FORMost has a fun collection of these in their catalog.

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