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Choosing the Right Paper for Your Printing Project

Choosing the Right Paper for Your Printing Project

Picking the right paper for your printing project can be as important as choosing the right design.

Did you know that picking the right paper for your printing project can be as important as choosing the right design for it? There are many different kinds of paper with varying thicknesses, textures, and finishes, so how can you choose the right type of paper?  

What Is the Purpose of Your Printing Project? 

Depending on what exactly you’re going to use this printing project for will guide you to the proper paper. After all, if you’re printing a booklet, you won’t want to use thick and heavy paper that is hard to flip through. However, you may want coated paper to make detailed images pop. If you’re printing business cards, you may want a thicker, more substantial paper that’s easy to hold with a texture that will help you stand out. At the very beginning of the project, considering the printing process will ensure that your piece looks perfect on the type of paper you need that also meets your budget. Feel free to consult with your designer beforehand if you’re not sure. 

Know Your Options

While all of the available options may seem overwhelming, there are three core features to consider for printing projects. 

  1. Weight of Paper: This is about the thickness of the paper. It’s weighed in pounds or points, and the heavier it is, the thicker it is. Considering the purpose of the piece will guide you to the right weight, 20# is typical for copy paper if you’re printing a text-heavy marketing piece, where 80# is a good weight for business cards. 
  2. Finish or Coating: Paper is a porous material and isn’t 100% smooth, so a coating can be added to give it a flat surface. This is helpful for highly detailed or small printing. The coating can be glossy, dull, or matte. Depending on your project, there are also soft-touch or UV coatings that can give different effects too! 
  3. Brightness and Opacity: This is the overall shade and translucency of the paper. Paper that is bright white may show pictures better, but can be harsher to read if you have long strings of text. Opacity will allow light through, so you should opt for 100% opacity if you’re printing something double-sided. 

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