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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Printing Product Labels

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Printing Product Labels

Product labels are a form of marketing that serves as gateways into the insight of a brand’s products or services.

Product labels are a form of marketing that serves as gateways into the insight of a brand’s products or services, offering a bounty of information to consumers. However, many things can go wrong while printing product labels. Listed below are some of the common mistakes you may encounter and avoid when printing product labels

Incorrect Colors

Every year, branding becomes more and more critical for marketing a product or service. Every little element plays a significant role in developing a larger and more cohesive sense of a brand. Color is a huge part of that. Product labels should be cohesive and consistent in their colors. Working with a printer that is skilled in color management, can properly label, and consistently uses the right colors is integral to your brand. 

Blurred Images

Like incorrect colors, a blurred image can completely take away from your brand, no matter how slight. Blurring can be caused by a printer with a faulty plate or file errors where low resolutions are used. Vector images are a great way to avoid this, providing you with a high-resolution and crisp image, which is particularly important for barcodes where image quality can impact whether or not they work. 

Not Considering Products

When working with product labels, it’s important to consider what the label will be representing. The shape, size, and dimensions of a product can influence your label. For example, rounded objects are harder to work with on average, and some curves can distort your image. Think in 3D and work around your product to have a product label that functions as it should.

Too Many Changes

Remember, branding is about consistency. Your consumers should know what they’re looking for and should recognize it in you when they see it. Too many changes to your product labels can confuse consumers resulting in decreased product sales.

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