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Custom Label Design Tips

Custom Label Design Tips

Labels need to present the best impression of a business, allowing consumers to link various products to a particular brand.

Labels play a significant role in establishing a brand’s products or services. Whether it’s the label on a clothing tag, the wrapper on a food product, or the sticker on the outside of a box, labels need to present the best impression of a business, allowing consumers to link various products to a particular brand. If you’re planning to use a custom label for marketing your brand’s product, here are some helpful design tips.

Product Container

When creating a custom label for products, one of the first things you should consider is the product container. Determining what kind of container your product will be stored in is key in establishing the label’s size and shape. For instance, you don’t want to create a label that’s too big for the container or too small; this can make the label difficult to read while diminishing the appeal of the product it encases.

Consider Color, Text, and Texture

Color, text, and texture play a significant role in custom labels. You want your label to stand out, but you also want consumers to be able to read the content and associate it with your company’s products. Your label’s color, text, and texture should also be cohesive to the label’s overall design, allowing it to correlate with the product that’s being sold, giving consumers a visual representation of what they’re purchasing and who they’re purchasing it from.

Meeting Regulations

Some labels have specific requirements for their content. For instance, food labels are regulated by the FDA, and the most prominent part of them is the nutrition fact table. In contrast, other labels need to have a barcode for sales or internal documentation. Labels with barcodes must be a dark non-red color and need to be more than an inch wide in size. Before making a custom label for your product, it’s important to be aware of all of the rules, regulations, and guidelines about your label and product before settling on a final design. 

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