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FORMost in 2013

January 2013.  

The month of January is named for the Roman god Janus. Janus, a two-faced god, looks to both the future and the past. He is the guardian of gates, doors, beginnings and endings. I consider the past week to be one of the most unique of the year when we are caught between looking back and looking forward. We are making plans, resolving to eat healthy, and setting new sales goals, but the previous year is still fresh in our minds.

At FORMost, we are reflecting on a successful 2012 full of new opportunities, challenges, and change. With the fresh start that 2013 provides, we have made a resolution as a company: to start a conversation with our clients. Not the type of conversation that entails delivery dates or print quantities, but one that helps us all grow as marketers. One that allows us to be a better resource for you.  One that makes your job easier and sparks ideas.

How do personalized URLs (pURLs) increase your direct mail response rate? What are the hottest promotional products this year? How can motion graphics take your advertising piece to the next level? This is the start of a blog where we answer those questions and marketers can share their opinions and thoughts. We hope to offer you valuable information and we encourage you to share your feedback.


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