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Four Effective Promotional Products for Business Marketing

Four Effective Promotional Products for Business Marketing

Effective marketing is an essential part of your advertising and promotional plan, and a good marketing strategy understands the value of using promotional items.

Effective marketing is an essential part of your advertising and promotional plan, and a good marketing strategy understands the value of both digital and physical marketing materials. One of the most popular business marketing strategies is to acquire promotional products that you can then sell or, in most cases, give away. Not all promotional products are created equal, however. Some products might align better with your customer base or your brand than others. Read on to discover four highly effective promotional products that might be exactly what you need to advertise your business, service, or product.  


Pens are easily one of the most common promotional items that people buy because everyone still needs them. We use them every day, people at trade shows need them and love to take them home, and they are a good vehicle for a logo. The average pen won’t have room for much more than your logo, but it is a great way to keep your name at the tips of their fingers.


Clothing is another popular choice. If you’re giving it away, clothing can be a little expensive (much more than a pen), but well-made clothing could also be a sales item. Popular options include t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. Most of these have room to add your logo plus a little bit of information about your company (at least your website). Clothing is more likely to be worn if you invest in good graphic arts.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are a great item that is gaining immense popularity. People love to shift to reusable items, and water bottles are often the first way people do it. They make a great giveaway item with more value than a pen but can carry your logo with them for many new eyes to see.

Unique Items

Rather than doing a promotional item that’s similar to everyone else, consider an item unique to your industry. For instance, if you sell craft beer, do a bottle opener; if you are an author, do a bookmark. If you are an auto detailer, do a vent-mounted phone holder. The options are nearly endless, and the promotional item’s value increases exponentially when it is directly tied to the service you offer.

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