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Helpful Tips for Creating Custom Promotional Products

Helpful Tips for Creating Custom Promotional Products

Examples of custom promotional products include hats, calendars, notepads, and pens that keep your brand in customers’ minds.

Creating custom promotional products serves as an alternative to writing blogs, utilizing social media, or spending a lot of money on ad placement. Examples of custom promotional products include hats, calendars, notepads, and pens that keep your brand in customers’ minds. It also introduces your brand to people who aren’t familiar with what you offer. Custom promotional products are unique because tangible items always leave an impression. Continue reading for some helpful tips to consider when creating custom promotional products. 

Have a Budget

Any business owner can get carried away creating custom promotional products because various options exist! Find items that fit your price range. Also, think about the impact of the product relative to its cost. Consider if the product will be relevant to your target audience. Think about if the item is something your customers or potential customers will look at every day or something they’ll stow away. 

Consider Your Target Audience

It’s important to understand what your target audience looks like and recognize what they’ll find helpful. For example, if you offer writing workshops and know your audience writes with notebooks, you can offer them pens with your logo. You can even take it as far as adding your logo to personalized notebooks.

Keep a Solid Design in Mind

You can choose a bold, unforgettable design or keep simplicity in mind. Either way, you want to ensure that you represent your brand in the best light. Any graphic you choose should include your logo and align with other marketing messages across your company’s brand. For example, if your company’s colors and logos are teal and white, these colors should be on the website and your custom promotional products. In short, cohesion is essential when it comes to marketing. 

Don’t Forget About Lead Time

It takes time to strategize and create custom promotional products. Ensure that your deadline to distribute these products isn’t unrealistic. Leave ample time for production and room to allow yourself to make any revisions or tweaks to the final product before printing out a large batch. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider how you will distribute these products. Ask yourself: 

  • Will I mail the products? 
  • Are they going to sit in a reception or lobby area? 
  • Will I display them at an event or exhibition? 

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