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How to Choose a Business Name

How to Choose a Business Name

Your brand name expresses the feeling, meaning, and more of your business. Here are some tips on how to choose a business name.

What’s in a name? Perhaps everything. Your business name is the first rallying cry of your brand and what you have to offer. It holds meaning, mood, context, and much more. Yet the right name is understandably difficult to invent. The tips below can help you know better how to choose a business name.

Easy to Spell

Make your business name easy to spell. This way, people can find it better when they search it online or talk about it with their friends and colleagues. There is a balance in making your name unique and distinct, yet not too difficult to letter out. 

Easy to Say

Your business name idea might sound good on paper, but read it aloud to see if it rolls off the tongue or not. A good name should be easy to spell and easy to say. You could say it ought to be poetic.

Distinct from the Rest

Search in the main areas where competitors would lie. Do a thorough Internet search to see if anyone else has a domain name the same as your own (you will want to get a .com for your name.) Also, do a trademark search at to see if you can get a trademark for your business name. Search through the Secretary of State records to see if any corporation or LLC names there might be confusingly similar to your own.

Capture the Meaning

Invest some meaning into the name to give it some fullness and depth. Let it capture the mood you are going for and showcase the service you offer. Or, go for something lighter, like Google did. This will require greater branding efforts, however, as it’s not obvious what it has to offer.

Keep It Broad Enough

While you don’t want a totally generic name, like “Bread,” you also do not want a name that is too “out there” or even one that is too limiting. For example, including a specific city in your name like Gaithersburg or Frederick might imply your services are only for that city when they might not be.

Get Feedback

Get feedback from close friends, family, and your target audience to see what strikes them as the best name. Come up with 10 to 15 possible business names and conduct a survey. The more counselors you have, the better.

Like Your Business Name

Even if a business name gets whittled down to one or two, what matters ultimately is that you, the owner, are happy with it. If you can be proud to own that name, and it fits the criteria necessary for a great start, then go ahead and claim the name.

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