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The Importance of Brand Identity

The Importance of Brand Identity

From colors to slogans to fonts, the elements of brand identity will push your business upward when done correctly.

A business may have a fantastic product lined up and ready to go into the hands of the people who need and want it. However, it needs to be able to communicate that they have this product in the first place. Moreover, a business needs to build on the reputation it has as a manufacturer of quality goods through brand identity.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the ultimate message that a company communicates through various visible elements. The color, the artwork, the font, the company name, the advertising copy, and customer service all play a role in who the company says it is. These designs must also fit the cultural and historical context and communicate a specific personality too.

Brand identity is not to be confused with the brand image. The brand image is the result of the design elements mentioned above. It is merely the physical substance of the design. The brand identity, though, is the intent behind those design choices. 

How to Build Brand Identity

Building brand identity requires the expertise of multiple disciplines like graphic design, sales, and marketing. To know where to start, a business needs to know its target audience. To whom is it speaking? It serves a company better to aim at a specific market rather than at “everyone.” 

Likewise, the company cannot portray itself as embodying every positive aspect in the world: sharp, sleek, family-friendly, useful, nifty, refreshing, comfortable, unique, popular, bargain, etc. A company needs to determine both its audience plus its own goals for the need it wants to fill.

Once a company understands both its own goals and its target audience, it can then proceed to determine the best venues for communicating its message, like TV or social media channels, events, direct mail, and more. Where the target audience spends the majority of its time is the channel a company wants to use. After determining the company goals, the target audience, and the appropriate channels of communication, then it is time to craft the visual elements of the company’s identity and message.

Effects of Brand Identity

The effects of building a positive and consistent brand identity mean the build-up of a company and its customer loyalty. The more consistently a business communicates its cohesive message to its target audience, the more sales will result. The visual signs a company shows help build not only its own identity but its customers’ identity as well. A customer using or even wearing the company logo says, “I identity with this brand.” Whatever the brand identity is (sleek, trendy, classy, etc.,) the customer will take on to himself.

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