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Does Direct Mail Matter Anymore?

Does Direct Mail Matter Anymore?

In a world going digital, paper makes a greater impact in the marketing industry.

You might think that in a digital age with ever-increasing capabilities in what can be done through just a push of a button, direct mail—and all physical forms of communication—are dwindling to obsolescence. This is a false notion. While email is the statistically much more successful approach in spreading the word about your business, direct mail is far from an expendable strain in your marketing campaign.

Targeted Audience

Direct mail is a great way to reach your targeted audience. FORMost Graphic Communications can help you determine your mailing list, the form of your direct mail (greeting card, postcard, brochure, coupon, etc.), and the technicalities of printing and sending. Direct mail will help reach more people; not everyone has social media, especially the older the demographic is. Also, with people trying to make the most of digital marketing, a perhaps better-known form of marketing, you have less competition when it comes to a direct mail piece.


With paper comes much room for personalization. Paper products can be just as creative and customized as digital products (ads, emails, newsletters, etc.). They even have the advantage of taking up the five senses when the recipient receives it. Texture, smell, and sight come together for a more involved experience. Additionally, paper products have two sides rather than just one screen to work with. A seasoned marketer can help you with ideas on how to utilize both in an effective way.

A Physical Message

Along with the advantage of interacting with the five senses, direct mail makes an impact as a tangible message. People love to get mail; receiving a letter makes people feel more valued. A handwritten piece makes an even greater, more personable impact. Because most people will go through their daily mail careful not to miss anything important, they have a greater chance of receiving your message or offer and discovering that your service is there for them.

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