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6 Ways to Boost Postcard Success Rates | Postcard Printing Washington, DC


So you’ve got a clean mailing list, a budget to work with, and a message. What’s next? The most effective postcards pair persuasive copy, sharp design, and these six elements:

1. Ask a question

A great way to encourage prospects to turn the post card over and read side B is to ask a question on side A. If you bury the answer to that question on the bottom of side B, you’ll have a good chance of getting the prospect to read through the entire copy.

2. Don’t skimp on the paper

Using a good paper, thick with a gloss or matte finish, will show your prospects that you value quality. They will then equate this quality with your product or service. (We like 100# cover with a creative coating like high gloss UV to make your images pop.)

3. Use an attention-grabbing photo on side A

Side A is your opportunity to grab the prospect’s attention. Use a slightly outrageous, seemingly unrelated photo or image on Side A and then tie it back in with a clever saying on Side B. Using a bit of humor, obscurity, or emotion can go a long way in making an impression and keeping them interested.

4. Give personal contact information

Make the response personal. Instead of leading prospects to a generic landing page or website to continue the path to purchase, give them a personalized option. Give a direct phone number of a sales rep or list an email address of someone who can provide more information. Consider adding a photo to make it even more personal. Make it easy, welcoming, and comfortable for the prospects to take the next step.

5. Send an invitation

The most effective direct-mail postcard mailers don’t attempt to sell prospects straight from the postcard. Rather, they compel your readers to take the next step in the purchasing process. Try designing and writing your postcard as if it were a formal, personal invitation. You could host an event or seminar that would interest your audience, or simply invite them to visit a website. In either case, the next step is where you’ll make your sales pitch.

6. Make it a coupon

If your offer includes a discount or free gift, ask your prospects to bring the postcard in with them to redeem it. Even better, include a short survey they must fill out to redeem the prize to help you collect demographic information — such as spending habits or whether or not they own a pet — that you don’t already have. Not only will you be able to track your results, you’ll discover new emotions and lifestyle attributes you can tap into with subsequent direct-mail campaigns.


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