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Top Trending Promotional Products 2019

Top Trending Promotional Products 2019

Keep with the trends to customize your promo products to meet customers’ needs.

The time to get creative in choosing promotional products for your business is never better than now. Promotional products have expanded into a vast array of items and even have different categories. One of the most effective types is promotional merchandise, also called marketing swag or better known as “tchotchkes” or even “merch.” Often given out for free at events or along with a customer’s purchase as a bonus, promotional merchandise plays as a major influence in a business’s marketing strategy. Read on to find out what are the most popular promo products of 2019!

Tech Gadgets

This is an age of ever-increasing advancement in technology, and promo products have not escaped its effect. Wireless promo items are rising in popularity. Businesses can offer wireless phone chargers and speakers, key trackers, earbuds, wall plugs, and more. Tech gadgets are promotional products that can make for thoughtful bonuses for people in a tech-savvy world.


Some people believe that because tech is on the rise, paper and pencils are a waste of space. To the contrary, stationery is making a comeback as a standard in promotional products. Pens, pencils, notebooks, sticky books, etc. are still excellent and trending items. If a business still prefers to lean paperless, stylus and stylus-and-ink combo pens exist in the realm.

Eco-friendly Items

The wellbeing of the environment and all who live in it is a prominent concern today. People appreciate promo items that are eco-friendly as well as useful and stylish. Totes, drink sleeves, notebooks, etc. fall into this category. A business could also tap into the style trend along with this concern and use rustic and natural materials in products such as leather, cork, burlap, and more.


Meet one of man’s most basic needs. Y’all know your customers’ gotta hydrate. Waterbottles continue to be a top trending promotional item and come in many styles.

Bundles & Giveaways

Both bundles and giveaways are proving to be peaking marketing incentives in 2019. Bundles are a collection of items, such as a journal and tumbler set. Customers access giveaways by purchasing one of the company’s products to unlock the deal. Both are highly effective, and both will certainly continue to be utilized in 2019’s promotional market.

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