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The Psychology Behind Corporate Apparel

Corporate apparel comes in many forms, but psychologically communicates three main things.

Clothes say someone about the wearer. They may seem to communicate the person’s personality, tastes, economic situation, religion, and more. Even though it’s better not to judge a book by its cover, we must admit that clothing is a major part of our first impression of a person. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When showing your business to the world, you want people to get a good impression of what service you represent. Corporate apparel helps promote businesses down to a psychological level.

A Powerful Image to the Public

When you think of corporate apparel, you may think of a number of employees and managers all wearing the same T-shirt with a logo printed on the front. This is indeed one fantastic way of showing off one’s company brand. However, that is only one way. FORMost Graphic Communications offers not only T-shirts, but everything from sweaters to sports jackets to company uniforms. While there are so many ways to wear a company logo, they all communicate three things to the public eye: consistency, respectability, and relatability.

If you and your fellow workers go out for an event, or you work in the service industry such as in a catering business or nursing facility, consistency in look will communicate a strength in the company that can be counted on. If everyone is wearing different variations of a theme, the company may look disorganized.

A consistent collection of corporate apparel will also demonstrate respectability. A well-designed logo will show that this business is professional. FORMost also offers corporate apparel in the form of dress shirts and polos, which can raise the bar of professionalism while representing a particular brand.

At the same time, corporate apparel can take your relatability outside the office as an effective outreach. A 2010 study on people’s perception of clothing showed that people respond better to those dressed more like themselves, an understandable result. Going casual while representing your brand can be a big step in reaching a wider audience.

An Effect on the Mind of the Wearer

You might have thought that the psychological effects on the public’s mind were all there was to it. Yet, corporate apparel can also have a positive effect on the wearer. Wearing corporate apparel, especially in a group, can promote company pride and loyalty. It can also give the feeling of security as it affirms that the wearer belongs there.

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