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The Benefits of Variable Data Printing

The Benefits of Variable Data Printing

Businesses use variable data printing for both a wide variety of uses, both practical and creative.

Running a business requires both technical and artistic skills. Many components go into creating a well-run and well-advertised business, and it requires many sets of hands to make it possible. Technology plays a great role in how a service is run today, and a business owner or manager may need assistance in incorporating its newer forms. Variable data printing has been around for a few decades; however, markets are still catching onto its benefits.

How Variable Data Printing Works

A company that does variable data printing can print your labels in larger quantities than if you were to do it yourself. The labels must have the same formatting, or else there will be difficulty in getting a variety of images or text in. The way to create the different labels is to upload different files with the same formatting for the company to print. A representative at FORMost Graphic Communications can help you better understand how to do this. 

The Benefit of Lower Cost

As for the benefits, one of the primary ones is that of a lower cost. To print one label, yet with different images, is less expensive than printing several types of labels in the same quantity. 

Track Inventory, Sales, and Products

Another advantage of this type of label printing is its use in tracking inventory, sales, and products. The medical and scientific fields use such labels extensively to meticulously track products through barcodes. Companies and entrepreneurs may also use variable printing for the above-mentioned uses, as well as tracking a number of parking permits and other such items.

Direct Marketing Angle

On the more creative side, variable labels can be and have successfully been used for direct marketing and promotions. On a commercial level, this can work for varying products. For example, a hand soap company has several different scented soaps. They use variable data printing to identify the different types at a lower cost. 

Another example is the Coca-cola campaign, where they printed different people’s names on a wide number of bottles. This strategy helped Coca-cola connect with more people and helped people connect with each other. 

A third instance is that of an artist featuring several different images of his paintings on his business cards. This is a great way to showcase the artist’s personality and portfolio. 

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