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Ten Ways to Use a Business Card

Ten Ways to Use a Business Card

A traditional business card is packed with creativity and the potential to open doors. Read on to find out ten ways it does just that.

A business card is still a big deal in today’s marketing world. A tangible piece of information reflecting your business is a crucial item in connecting with others and getting your message across. A business card has the potential to open up many opportunities for both you and your customers or clients. Below are ten ways to creatively use a business card.

1. Make an Impression

The design of your business card is the first impression a person gets of the overall appeal of your business or service. A well-designed card will set the mood and the tone you want your customer to feel. It will also communicate your message in a clear, easy-to-read way.

2. Give Insider Information

Besides just giving the regular contact and service information, you can also use a card to give insider knowledge on what you offer. For example, you can put your business’s principles on the back in bullet form for future reference, or you could display one of your artworks if you are an artist.

3. Promotional Offer

Another way to use a business card is to include a promotional offer. Including a coupon, a product sample, or a free consultation with the card may be one way to open up doors to your service for others.

4. Partner and Promote

Business cards aren’t just for you to keep. While you should always keep a stack of business cards on you in case an opportunity to connect comes your way, you can also partner with businesses similar to yours and display each other’s cards. Joining forces means reaching more people and affirming each other in the business as a reputable source. 

5. Link to Your Website

Part of your contact information will be your website URL (but not the landing page) and your strongest social media links. There are also ways to make your business card into your email signature.

6. Take a Survey

A business card can also be an opportunity to send out a survey to take online. Once the person completes the survey, you could then give the reward of a discount, etc.

7. Bilingual Communication

If you are involved with a business concerning different countries with different languages, a bilingual card may aid you in an international business meeting. A bilingual card could also work well for ESL or foreign language teachers.

8. Place with Products

A business card can act as a credential to go along with a product you sell. To use the example of an artist again, he or she could slip one into each art print package.

9. Make an Appointment

Depending on your service, a business card is a practical way to help someone schedule and remember an appointment. These are useful for businesses such as dentistry, hair styling, consultation, and more.

10. Make a Personal Connection 

At the end of the day, a traditional business card brings people back to the real world outside of the internet. A tangible piece of your business will stay longer with them than an email or a look at your website’s homepage. Get a well-designed business card, and pass your message along.

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