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Experiential Ways to Promote Your Business

Experiential Ways to Promote Your Business

Expand your advertising through the friendly means of experiential marketing.

People today are seriously over-advertised-to, so much so that they often tune out and ignore the ads that they see without even meaning to. The standards of traditional marketing simply do not work as well today as they used to. Many brands are turning to experiential advertising, also called engagement or participation marketing, to attract and appeal to new customers. Instead of broadcasting to a prospective customer, companies create spaces and events where people can interact with a product and have a positive experience that will effectively promote your business.

Promotion At Your Event

When you are planning and hosting a major event to promote your business, think about the factors that will draw in your ideal prospective customers. The first you should consider is the location: choose one that appeals to your customer and relates to your brand. For instance, if you are marketing outdoor gear, your event might do better in a state park than at a romantic restaurant. Make the venue an exciting experience on its own, and people will be even more excited to come out. Remember to take pictures of the site for social media and traditional marketing to make people want to come out to your event. Next, week plan for post-event activities, VIP experiences, discounts for sponsors or partners. Finally, market your show on your company website, your social media channels, and through traditional marketing. Remember that you have to promote the event, and then the event will promote your business. Choosing a company like FORMost Graphic Communications to help plan your experiential marketing event can take the stress out of the process. 

Promotion At Other Events

You don’t have to host the event for it to be an experiential marketing powerhouse. There are often many local events where you can have a table or booth set up to market a new product or event. Still, you should make sure that the event matches the personality and values of your brand. For instance, if a fundamental tenant of your brand is ecological consciousness, a farmer’s market might be a perfect place to find like-minded customers. Once you’ve chosen an event, you should coordinate your signage, apparel, and promotional products to highlight the product and create an experience for your potential customer. Finally, don’t forget to use your social and traditional marketing channels to let people know you will be at the event.

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