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6 Advantages of E-Commerce

6 Advantages of E-Commerce

E-commerce is advantageous to business owners as much as it is to customers.

E-commerce is a fast-growing mode of business, only expected to grow more in 2020 and beyond. E-commerce certainly makes shopping easier for customers. When the brick-and-mortar store does not have a certain product, you can almost always be sure that an online seller offers it. For business owners, however, having an e-commerce store can present at least six advantages.

1. Low Cost to Set Up

In the beginning, it only takes one person to set up and run an e-commerce store. Certainly, a new business owner will need plenty of advice and the right tools to set up their e-commerce platform, but the cost between opening an online store and a walk-in one is significant. There is no need to hire employees or install a security system.

2. Build Gradually

Your business does not have to have all the fixtures in place to start earning profit. You can slowly continue to work on the store, grow a customer base, and improve your website. When the business gets big enough, you can then hire employees and more professional services.

3. Personalized Customer Experience

You can also do something more for each customer that lands on your page. Through computer technology, you can customize each customer’s experience to feature items that they might prefer. Your website can turn a general shopping experience into one that’s custom-made. 

4. Passive Marketing

If you are an introvert, e-commerce might be for you. You will not necessarily have to interact with customers on a day-to-day basis, let alone face-to-face. Likewise, customers who would rather browse in the privacy of their home rather than have to face a friendly retail worker would also benefit. For you, showcasing the worth of your products would come through passive marketing. If you create beautiful visuals and compelling product descriptions, you have achieved a good part of the necessary marketing.

5. Collect an Email List

People feel more comfortable sharing their email address to a website rather than to a stranger behind a counter. E-commerce stores are powerful ways of collecting email lists and keeping loyal shoppers updated. This fact is significant, because emails are the most effective means of online communication.

6. Reach the Globe

Lastly, an e-commerce store gives you access to a global audience. You still need to find your target audiences, but it also offers a far broader scope for outreach than a local store would. Why ship your products just across the street when you can reach the world?

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