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How to Choose the Best Corporate Apparel

How to Choose the Best Corporate Apparel

Unify and promote your team to the world with these corporate apparel tips!

Choosing the best corporate apparel is a daunting task. A diverse blend of personalities congregate in your office, and likely just as many opinions about what the right choice might be. How can you find a good selection that employees will like without breaking the budget? Read on for some great tips. 

Fit Your Company Culture

The first thing you should consider when choosing employee apparel is the image of your brand and the culture of the company. The apparel you pick is another part of your marketing. If your company culture is very laidback, you should order corporate apparel that reflects that. Laidback and playful brands also have more freedom to experiment with color and pattern on their choices. If your brand or product has a polished, high-end image, though, you will be better suited with apparel that has higher perceived value (like woven fabrics).

Fit Your Daily Activities

Think about what people will be doing all day when they wear corporate apparel. If employees are mostly wearing the item in a warehouse, their needs will be different than if they’re wearing it in an office. Likewise, if you are outfitting your sales team for a trade show, they may need both long and short sleeve options. The temperatures at trade shows can range dramatically. There are also some preconceptions about different types of apparel that customers or trade show attendees may not even know that they have. One example is that short sleeves make people look more approachable.

Fit Your Budget

Make sure you know or determine your budget early in the process so that you can weed out the options that are simply outside of it. If you have 100 employees to outfit and a $2000 budget, you will only waste your time looking at items that are $50 a piece. Filter those out and choose from the options that meet your budgetary needs.

Fit In Some Variety

Finally, if you can, find a way to offer employees some options. Give them a choice between long and short sleeve varieties, or choose a shirt that offers both a men’s and women’s cut. Consider providing different garments for different departments depending on the type of work that they do. When you give your employees some choice in the matter, they’re more likely to take ownership of the uniform or apparel item.

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