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The Psychology of Brand Colors

Choosing corporate colors for your brand is not just an artisitic endeavor, it is a strategic one. Color has an influence on purchasing decisions, so when you are considering a rebrand it’s important to understand what feelings are evoked by each color in the wheel.

Bluecolor wheel

Want to seem fiscally responsible? Choose blue. Often used in banking and financial services, blue expresses authority and trust and puts people at ease. It has a universal appeal and is associated with blue skies and the deep, blue sea… ahhh serenity!


Organic and environmental companies often use green, but it works for any company trying to evoke calmness, health, and freshness.


Choose red for a dramatic, passionate response since it increases the heart rate. Red is aggressive and provokative  and it will be sure to grab the attention of your audience. (Perhaps this is why I can’t walk into Target without spending $100!)


This regal shade shows creativity, mystery, and sophistication. It has a richness like no other color and can be both passionate and sentimental.


Orange is fun and full of life. It is a good choice for companies who want to appear lively, youthful, and positive.


Brilliant white immediately catches the human eye and evokes cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. For these reasons, it is a popular choice for medical, healthcare, and beauty products.


Color is free to use on the web and it’s become increasingly more affordable to use in print. All the more reason to use and have fun with color! Call FORMost for help developing your new logo in just the right hues to increase your business.


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