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What Are Thermal Labels?

What Are Thermal Labels?

Thermal labels are popular for many barcoding and other uses today.

Your business needs labels, and FORMost Graphic Communications has them all. If you need barcoding labels, in particular, thermal labels are often your best option. No matter what industry you work in, whether it be retail or medicine, thermal labels are the go-to for short-term and long-term labeling needs. Here’s more on this topic below.

Direct Transfer 

There are two types of thermal label production: direct transfer and thermal transfer. The direct transfer method contains images on a paper or synthetic base. A thermal or other printer heats up the chemicals, making the images appear.

Printing the labels on paper is the most cost-effective solution, although the labels will have a shorter shelf life (about six months to a year) and be more prone to fading due to temperature fluctuations or direct sunlight. Labels with synthetic bases will last longer and can withstand harsher environments. Therefore, paper labels are best for retail and other products that do not withstand high heat or cold or strong sunlight, while synthetic labels are most suited for products that do. Nevertheless, one will be pleased to use direct transfer labels for the most common uses, high production, and overall good readability and scannability.

Thermal Transfer

For high-quality, durable label products, one should definitely go the thermal transfer route. In this method, a thermal printer layers the paper or synthetic material with a ribbon, which, when heated, activates a chemical that transfers an image from the ribbon to the base. These ribbons have different grades, typically resin, wax, and wax resin.

This method proves to be far more durable, even with the same bases. Thermal transfer labels on paper are suitable when direct transfer is not feasible and one desires a higher-quality print. A synthetic base is applicable for harsher conditions. Overall, the thermal transfer method is best for harsher environments like a warehouse, outdoors, a lab, or another industrial setting. One can expect them to last lifelong and can print them on a wider array of base colors and finishes for promotional reasons.

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