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Several Summer Marketing Ideas

Several Summer Marketing Ideas

Need summer marketing ideas for your business? Check out the following five!

Summer is on its way! Businesses of all kinds and sizes plan how to celebrate the season, and thankfully, there are plenty of ideas that both generate sales and build customer and community bonds. As summer draws nigh, be sure to consider using these summer marketing ideas!

Holiday Sale

There are many, many holidays that one can apply to one’s business. Of course, one should take advantage of the major holidays to offer a special sale. Memorial Day and Fourth of July are just two summer holidays that a company can celebrate by offering a valuable sale. If it applies to your company, you can also chime in with lesser-known holidays like Watermelon day or Hammock day.

Summer Giveaway

Giveaways are a way to promote one’s products, usually only requiring minimal participation from the customers to enter, such as filling out their email address. Summer is a great time to promote significant seasonal offerings unique to your business.

Summer Event

Experiential marketing has hit a unique turn since 2020, but that has not stopped professional marketers like FORMost Graphic Communications from coming up with ways to connect businesses to their customers through memorable experiences. With the kids out of school, businesses have a greater chance of engaging with their customers through a virtual or physical event.

Product Launch

Summer marketing ideas are all about what businesses can offer their customers in light of the season. If you sell products, the start of summer is the perfect time to launch a summer-specific product. One can also give out summer-themed promotional products like sunglasses, tumblers, and T-shirts

FORMost Graphic Communications has a host of promo products from which you can choose, customize, and order from a secure FORMost account. If you need help deciding on a collection of products, you can work with a FORMost professional to meet your marketing needs.

Charity Event

Lastly, you can also host a special sale, product launch, or event for a charitable cause. Customers would love to be a part of an effort to give back to the community and get something valuable in return, like one of your products or services. If you have any questions on how to use any of these summer marketing ideas, FORMost can help.

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