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Experiential Marketing Trends for 2021

Experiential Marketing Trends for 2021

In 2021, experiential marketing is still alive and well.

Experiential marketing is the provision of a meaningful experience by a business that promotes that business’s brand. It is the most interactive form of marketing and opens up countless possibilities for getting a business’s message across. With the global events that have swept over everyone in 2020 and into 2021, one can expect to see these experiential marketing trends for 2021.

Emotional Connection

In this distant period, companies have learned that providing meaningful interactions with customers is still possible even through digital means. Although devoid of unspoken cues one would read in-person, language carries an enormous weight concerning stance and emotion. Emojis also help tremendously, adding to the tone and formality. Companies can use printed and digital copy as well as video to promote a real connection with buyers.

Interactive Products

Products like computer games and 3D postcards can add a wow factor to your experiential marketing campaign. Experiential marketing trends for 2021 include both emotional and physical elements, except here, it is through products that require their interaction. Just as if it were at a physical event, this interaction should be rewarding and enjoyable. If personalization is possible, that’s even better.

To Speak or Not to Speak

One top experiential marketing trend that comes up often is a moral one, or rather, a political one. To speak or not to speak has become a major pressure point for all companies, from schools to influencers to religious groups to corporations. A prime example would be whether a company ought to show their support or disagreement with the Black Lives Matter movement. What a company says or doesn’t say can significantly impact how the world views them. Nevertheless, each company should use this tactic to gain buyers at their own discretion.

Local Support

On the local level, things are looking up. Local businesses are open now more than ever, and it’s time to bring customers back in to show their support. Multiple businesses already work together to promote sales; for example, the Downtown Annapolis Partnership has teamed up with numerous local restaurants and Eastern Shore Brewing to boost Maryland’s oyster and beer industries.


Lastly, experiential marketing trends for 2021 may include reopenings on their list. As more people receive vaccinations and more becomes known about the virus, the world could see a drop in business restrictions.

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