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Stress Relief Promo Product Ideas

Stress Relief Promo Product Ideas

Help your community relax with these stress relieving promo products!

We live in a hectic world, busy with careers and other duties. Everyone needs a break now and then, and even small moments of rest can count significantly. Understandably, people are more under stress now than in other times. Your business can help keep the stress levels down through the choice of your promotional products. Below are several stress relief promo product ideas.

Stress Relievers

Stress relievers, also known as stress balls, are the go-to office stress relief promo product. One can have a fun, company-themed ball, cube, person, animal, or custom-shaped object to brighten and relax your day. Do stress balls really work? Indeed, it does! The simple, repetitive motion of squeezing the stress reliever becomes a subconscious act, thus directing one’s stress into the object. 

Spa Kits

There is no denying that a day at the spa is a recipe for relaxation. Companies can provide employees and prime customers with a personalized spa kit, courtesy of the brand. FORMost Graphic Communications, a worldwide printing and marketing company, offers spa kits of varying sizes and candles. A spa kit can be as simple as a travel manicure set or as opulent as a gift basket.

Candy & Snacks

Candy and snacks can put many at ease. Candy, chocolate, cookies, mints, and nuts are on FORMost’s menu. These stress relief promo products have numerous applications, perfect for corporate thank yous, gala gift bags, and gifts for employees. Have your company logo on a convenient mint tin, a cookie box, a tube of chocolates, or even a gumball machine. 


What’s perhaps the most relaxing game in modern-day society? Golf is arguably it. If you have some avid golfers in your company or go on company golf outings, your employees will likely enjoy some sweet golf accessories and gadgets. Some of FORMost Graphic Communications’ most popular items include tees, golf balls, visors, golf umbrellas, golf towels, polo shirts, and other accessories. 


Do your employees, colleagues, and customers need a break from the computer? Try a game! Many studies have shown that taking strategic breaks is essential to ultimate work productivity. FORMost offers fidget spinners, desk cornhole, Rubix cubes, mini basketball hoops, mini board games, card games, and much more. If your business has a rec room, you could even add a full-size cornhole set or table tennis with custom paddles. 

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