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Essential Business Stationery

Essential Business Stationery

What business stationery is essential to your company? Here are some popular choices.

Business stationery is still relevant in 2021. The paper and printed products used for communicating with clients, business partners, and employees are still necessary, meaningful, and impactful on one’s memory. What would essential business stationery be for your company? Some items might be your priority, but others depend on the type of business you have.


Companies still send out printed letters, forms, etc., today to other companies, clients, and employees. When sending corporate mail, businesses should have a professional letterhead with their brand name and logo at the top. This communicates that one is speaking with a business rather than just an individual.


Matching envelopes seal the deal. The recipient knows who the letter is from at once. The envelope should naturally match the letterhead and be consistent with the overall company branding. Depending on your contents, letters can come in different shapes and sizes.

Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are handwritten notes to clients and business partners on multiple occasions. They are a fantastic way to personalize a corporate “thank you” or exclusive discount offer. Your compliment slips should be part of the same set of your stationery.

Business Cards

Business cards are perhaps your most basic form of corporate stationery. In a business, staff members will likely share the same business card design featuring the company name and logo. As a professional group, you’ll want quality cards that don’t feel like mere paper.

Stationery for Meetings & Presentations

The four types of stationery above are your four must-haves. Meanwhile, companies can also utilize other assets to impress at meetings and presentations. Custom notebooks, folders, clipboards, pens, and even USB drives show your clients and coworkers that your group is clean-cut and professional.

Stationery for Products

If your company focuses on selling products, including stationery such as a thank you note, brochure, or business card could help make a lasting impact and build relationships with your customers. You could even use customized packaging tape.

Promotional Stationery

Lastly, one can’t forget about all the fun stationery that goes to employees and customers alike. Anything from hats, mugs, bags to stress balls count as a great way to keep your brand in view. For all these promotional products and more, contact FORMost Graphic Communications!

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