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What Is Effective Brochure Marketing?


What Is Effective Brochure Marketing?

Brochures are highly useful company assets, but only when used correctly.

Print marketing takes on many forms, but one form that is a staple of every business, large and small, is the brochure. Brochure marketing can be highly effective in translating potential customers into lifelong customers, but only when it’s done right. Below are the benefits and the details of effective brochure marketing.

Why Use Brochure Marketing?

Having a brochure to hand out to visitors is the mark of a business that means business. Just as it is standard to have a business card, it is standard to have brochures. Moreover, brochure marketing saves time for your sales team and gives your visitors a chance to peruse the information at their own leisure.

Inviting Exterior

The cover of your brochure should invite the target audience to look inside. It isn’t enough to simply have your company name and logo on the front. The brochure should offer the reader something from the very start, such as a discount, a free offer, or an exclusive invitation. A marketing specialist at FORMost Graphic Communications can help you determine what this would look like for your business.

The Reader’s Point of View

Your brochure should also follow the reader’s train of thought. It should come alongside the reader in his pursuit of fulfilling a need that your company offers. Therefore, the brochure’s text should answer a reader’s questions about how the company can fulfill his needs in a logical order.

What the Reader Wants

A mistake that many make when advertising a company’s offerings is to talk about itself and not what the reader wants. Having an “About Page” on your website is good for giving background, but it is not the info your customer is after. The point is to show how your company can fulfill your customer’s needs. You can also include tips or resources that your customer will want to keep.


Of course, the brochure should be in an easy-to-read, logical format that flows seamlessly from left to right. Headers should avoid nonspecific language like, “Introduction” or “Conclusion,” and instead hone in on the sales points you offer.

Call to Action

Lastly, call your readers to respond to your invitation. Give them both your offer and a way to contact you. This call to action is something you can include on every page. 

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