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Using Promotional Products for Holidays

Using Promotional Products for Holidays

Promotional products are perfect for the holiday season coming up!

The holiday season is nigh, and brick-and-mortar and virtual businesses alike have much to look forward to. In autumn, there is a rich holiday season that many companies have already used to thank and gift employees and clients while promoting their brand. After Halloween, there’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Here is how your business can use promotional products for the best.

Determine Your Budget

One can choose from many products to deliver to your employees and clients, but don’t let the many goodies take you off guard. You’ll need to determine your budget for employee and client gifts first, and then make decisions from there.

Types of Promotional Products for Holidays

There are plenty of ways to use promotional products for holidays, and doing it effectively takes creativity. Here are a few ideas that you might implement.


Giving promotional gifts to employees helps strengthen their bond with the team and company; it’s a way to help them feel a part of the organization. Gifts also are a way to appreciate them, since they have worked so hard and have brought so much good to the company. Promo items can be given as a Christmas gift or through a holiday party giveaway.


You can also use promo items to communicate with customers in different ways. For example, you can send a little gift to prospective customers through direct mail, or thank loyal clients with a small package. Regardless, they will appreciate it!

Gift Ideas

Not every promotional product is suitable for the holidays, and not every product is suitable for every person, either. Employees might appreciate a company T-shirt, but your customers might not so much. See what your audience and employees value the most; your gift could depend on hobbies, priorities, lifestyle, etc. Some popular items for 2020 could include:

  • Environmentally-friendly gifts
  • Gifts for home
  • Tech gadgets
  • Destressers
  • Office supplies
  • Face masks & hand sanitizer
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Food

Find a Great Promotional Product Provider

Finding the right promo product provider will be invaluable for choosing the best items and determining your recipients. If you are seeking a fantastic printing and marketing company to assist, contact FORMost Graphic Communications!

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