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7 Tips for Building an Ecommerce Site

7 Tips for Building an Ecommerce Site

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Building or reinventing an ecommerce site can be exciting, but it can also pose a challenge. It takes thoughtful time and effort to create a stunning, functional ecommerce website for your promotional products. When considering the design for your site, you’ll want to follow these seven tips.

Simple, Stylish Design

Ultimately, simplicity is best. You want your website to communicate a clear sales message and be easy to follow. Your design should only consist of what it needs, with no superfluous content. The layout, colors, and fonts should be consistent across every page. It would be best if you also considered its appeal to your audience, pinpointing your brand and keeping up with today’s web design look.

Color Power

Color is a powerful tool. Red inspires excitement and passion, while blue supports trust and calm. Color psychology is important to keep in mind when designing. It will reflect the feelings you want your customers to have and portray the feeling of your brand.

Easy-to-Skim Content

People often do not read webpage content in full detail. Moreover, it is harder to retain information when reading on a screen instead of paper. To make it easier for your prospective customers, make the paragraphs and descriptions easy to skim with headings and other means of highlighting the key points.

Sharp Images

You might think that your photography skills aren’t too shabby, but if the image is blurry or looks dated, your sales will head downward. Dated photos give one the impression that you aren’t relevant, and blurry ones just look unprofessional, no matter what.

Easy Navigation

Meanwhile, your ecommerce site should be easy to navigate. Think like a customer, and test how easy it is to find specific inventory. Menu bars are product pages should have clean lines and no confusion.

Smooth Checkout

The checkout process should likewise be seamless. You want to make it evident what information the customer needs to give you, so your company doesn’t look like a credit card scammer. Easy navigation and checkout make for happy customers.

Mobile Compatibility

Lastly, it is worth investing in having an ecommerce site that has mobile phone compatibility. Many people shop on their phones, and it’s a trend that isn’t dying out fast. 

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