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Promotional Product Trends 2020

Promotional Product Trends 2020
Promotional products continue to be trendy this year. Build your brand with FORMost Graphic Communications!

As 2020 marches on, promotional products continue to stream the market. Businesses of all kinds use promotional products to promote their services and their brand. Any company can benefit from the exposure and opportunity to give gifts to its customers. Promotional product trends this year are cultural, intellectual, practical, and fun.


Millennials make up over one-third of the labor force in the United States. As the youngest and largest generation in the field, they influence what companies will offer them. The rest of the 2020 trends point to what millennials may favor most in life, which in turn informs what kinds of promo products are popular.


For years, people have become more and more concerned about how we produce our goods. How healthy is it for the environment? How can we waste less? Where is it made? If your company isn’t generating products in an environmentally-friendly way today, your company as a whole will be less appealing to customers.

Sports/Fitness Equipment

Americans also continue to engage in sports and fitness as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Running, hiking, working out, and more will always be trending in the United States. Durable, high-quality materials will communicate how high-quality your brand is to others.


In the minimalistic, realistic age of “what sparks joy,” consumers are seeking products that allow them to be happy and comfortable without the cultural pressures of happiness that social media may bear. Simplicity and comfort in soft, nostalgic materials appeal to millennials.

Graphic Print

At the same time, Americans do like to have their mantras printed bold and stylish for all to see on just about any product. Apparel, mugs, stickers, and more can carry a pithy message that a company promotes without it being the slogan. If it appeals to the community, people will adopt the product and identify closely with your brand.

Keeping It Fun

Even so, everyone still likes to have some fun. Small items can make a lasting impact; stickers, buttons, gadgetry, and knick-knacks continue to have their charm among promo products. Customers are likely to retain such items, and so spread the news that your brand exists.

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