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Best Marketing Strategies 2020

Best Marketing Strategies 2020

What marketing strategies have worked best this year? Find out here.

This time last year, we were looking forward to a year that wasn’t likely to be all that different from 2019 – how wrong we were. Everything is different this year thanks to COVID-19, from how we live to how we learn to how we work. The most successful businesses are those that have learned how to pivot and embrace the changes and challenges of the year, including embracing marketing strategies that make the most of these interesting and often trying times.

Educational and Updated Content

Even as it feels like everything is changing this year, content remains king. People who are stuck at home are actually finding themselves trying new things and learning new skills, so content that educates is especially popular. Your content marketing should position you as a knowledge expert and may include blogs, quizzes, and white papers, among other things. It would help if you also took the time to update any older content you have on your page. Things that have done well in the past, and ideally have generated backlinks, can get a huge ranking boost when you update the content and adjust the date to represent the newer information included in it. Finally, look for ways to capitalize on your industry expertise. One example is a service like HARO, or Help a Reporter Out, which allows you to respond to queries from journalists and can lead to increased traffic through backlinks.

Personalized Messaging

These days, most people feel the sting of the lack of socialization, so any personal contact feels good. A strong, personalized marketing strategy goes beyond simply adding the recipient’s name to your email. It should employ a good understanding of your demographics and analytics, like behavioral segmentation. You should also customize your marketing to other factors, like the seasons and the frequency that people want to receive email or direct mail communications. 

Video Marketing

As the continued popularity of TikTok shows, video remains a great media for marketing. It is a great marketing strategy for forging strong connections to consumers. This is part of why streaming platforms are exploding in popularity and committing amazing time and energy to creating unique content for their services. Google’s algorithms favor video content as well, so video is also a great vehicle for educational content. Create short videos where you explain key concepts about your industry or teach your customers how to do something with your product or service. 

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