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Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

Whether in lockdown or in reopening, businesses can continue to reach customers in several ways.

The coronavirus has affected the world since early 2020, and in the United States, the cases continue to peak in some states. While it is getting better in some places than others, businesses in lockdown or not still continue to reach out to their customers under the shadow of the virus. To promote safety and sensitivity toward customers, here are some marketing tips to consider at this time.


In the event of a crisis or a new situation, opportunities open up for people to come up with new ways to communicate and thrive. A marketing campaign is not left out from this advantage. One can think of fresh ways to engage the audience and meet new needs. For example, FORMost Graphic Communications has been distributing face masks, hand sanitizer, and health & safety signage to companies across the nation, as well as label products to healthcare industries.

Online Presence

Everyone has seen how much businesses and people have taken communication online. Companies with a physical location should keep customers updated on their health and safety practices to assure that they are still there for them. One can notify through email, social media, or a website banner.

In addition, more frequent social media posts initiating fun articles, contests, or conversations can help people continue to have a sense of community and keep up the bond between the company and the customers.

Direct Mail

At the same time, physical communication has become rare and precious. Despite the caution toward physical mail, people still value cards, letters, and the like. With so much traffic surging online, you may find going the postal route may make you more notable to the receiver.


When designing a marketing message online or through direct mail, you will need to be sensitive to the context. If your state is still under lockdown, you will obviously not want to encourage people to gather in large groups. You may even wish to avoid images of groups of people. For companies where lockdowns are lifting, continue to encourage caution and care.

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