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How to Select Business Face Masks

How to Select Business Face Masks

Need business face masks? Here’s what you need to consider.

As businesses are reopening throughout Maryland, critical care to prevent the spread of the coronavirus continues. In particular, Anne Arundel County has made it a rule that people must wear a mask in public places outdoors and indoors if they cannot stay six feet apart. This measure could indicate the level of care that one must use in other counties and when interacting with others at work. With face masks as a priority, here are some considerations for choosing the best kind for your work environment.

Breathability and Filtration

Breathability and filtration are perhaps the two main factors in a mask’s quality. The purpose of a face mask is to protect others from the wearer’s respiratory droplets more so than to protect the wearer from the virus. Without the mask, however, one is totally exposed to the elements. Therefore, a face mask needs to have sufficient filtration to keep particles within and without it. On the other hand, the wearer still needs to breathe. If the face mask fails in this regard, a person could have difficulty regaining oxygen long after removing the mask. 

The answer to finding this balance between filtration and breathability lies in the material and weave of the fabric. Scientists recommend natural fibers with a dense enough weave to keep out particles. The type of weave may also be significant, as well as how many layers of fabric the mask has. The recommended rule is to test if sunlight comes through it. If it does, it’s not thick enough.

Cotton a Superb Material

For everyday use, cotton tests as one of the best and most popular face mask fabrics. It is a natural fiber that is breathable and filters out particles successfully. It tests better than wool, nylon, muslin, and more. On top of that, cotton is durable and comfortable. It is strong enough to hold up to much use and many washings. FORMost Graphic Communications, a marketing and printing company in the Washington D.C. area, is currently selling cotton face masks for businesses that come in many colors and can have one’s business logo printed on them. If you are interested, check them out here!

Surgical Face Masks

Another option for businesses and healthcare professionals alike is the surgical face mask. This type is a loose-fitting, disposable option that healthcare workers already have been using to block respiratory droplets. Retail, office, and other establishments can offer surgical face masks to both employees and guests. To see FORMost’s merchandise, click here.

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