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Why Wear Surgical Masks?

Why Wear Surgical Masks?

If your business needs surgical face masks, FORMost can supply.

As cases continue to grow in states across the U.S., mask-wearing continues to be a priority. Businesses are still open in Maryland, as Marylanders strive to get their lives and economy back to normal. As people continue to push out into the work and retail environments, FORMost Graphic Communications provides a variety of face masks for businesses of all kinds, including surgical masks.

Why Wear Masks?

In some regions, wearing a face mask is currently mandatory, especially if you are unable to keep six feet apart, but it is helpful to understand why it is mandatory. The debate over how effective face masks are against viruses remains strong, but sufficient evidence shows that a mask can reduce the wearer’s spread of contaminants. According to the CDC, some people who are asymptomatic or at least pre-symptomatic may not realize they have the disease, and can spread the virus before symptoms show up. If someone does have symptoms, the mask prevents the spray from reaching other people. Wearing a face mask can also reduce the likelihood of someone touching their face. 

What Are Surgical Masks?

Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare workers have worn surgical masks to prevent infection due to patients’ airborne fluids. Today, these masks have become a symbol of health and safety in the operation room and dentistry. 

FORMost Graphic Communications, a printing and marketing company located in the Washington D.C. area, is offering surgical masks in packs of 50 each. A surgical mask is the kind your dentist wears; it is a flat, soft material with two ear loops and a metal band to secure to the nose. FORMost’s masks are 3-ply and latex-free, have good breathability, can filter out 95% of airborne particles, and are manufactured in an FDA-certified factory. They come in light blue and are comfortable to wear.

Are They Effective?

Some studies have shown that wearing a face mask alone does not have a significant bearing in disease transmission. However, a 2009 study in Hong Kong found that mask-wearing combined with using hand sanitizer did make a significant difference. Surgical masks can impact the spreadability of disease, but it is likely that one can prevent sickness further by washing hands, coughing and sneezing away from others, and staying home when sick.

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