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How to Welcome Employees Back after COVID-19

How to Welcome Employees Back after COVID-19

Welcome back employees to work with these ideas.

Although restrictions have lifted in Maryland and non-essential businesses are open again, many businesses are still slowly opening their doors or keeping employees working from home. When the time comes to reopen your office for business again, set the tone for your employees’ long withdrawal from the work community with the following ideas.

Send a Welcome Back Email

Craft a company-wide email to announce the big news and boost morale. Sending this momentous email should be the last step in your reopening preparations; it is the time to both celebrate and lay down the ground rules and expectations for the return to the office. Include guidelines for health and safety at this time.

Prepare the Office

Depending on the size of your office, you may want to purchase items that will prepare employees to safely navigate their way through private and communal spaces. Floor decals can lead the way in high-traffic areas, and banners of all sizes can conveniently remind people to stay home if they feel sick or to wash their hands the best way. Best of all, they have your company’s logo on it. For all your signage needs, FORMost Graphic Communications has an excellent solution.

Give Gifts

Few would have ever thought that returning to work would be a joy, but after this pandemic, it is certainly a time of celebration. Another way to welcome employees back to work is to give everyone a small gift or two. Make employees feel welcome, appreciated, and safe with company-provided cotton masks (with their choice of color,) and personal hand sanitizers. A small, thoughtful gift can go a long way in ushering in the return of in-person business. If your company is in need of these, FORMost Graphic Communications is happy to help as always.

Throw a Party

It’s wonderful to be able to communicate in person, and people can flourish all the more when they return to their work setting. Life is starting to become more normal again. Throw a party or hold a happy hour, and rejoice in the long-awaited return. 

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