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Areas to Place Coronavirus Signage

Areas to Place Coronavirus Signage for the Office

Remind employees of health & healthy with signage from FORMost Graphic Communications!

Coronavirus infection rates are slowly dropping in Maryland, but many people continue to work from home. As office buildings do begin to reopen their doors, though, caution is still a must. For the present and the future, companies can make use of health and safety signage around the premises. People are forgetful, and helpful reminders help everyone. For the most effective communication, here are the best places to put your company’s coronavirus signage.

Building Entrances

People may either be too cautious or too laid back when returning to work. To assure the concerns of the tentative and alert the carefree, put coronavirus signage at the front entrance. You will communicate the health and safety standards your building holds in light of the pandemic. FORMost Graphic Communications offers banners and more for outdoor or indoor use.

Clock-In Stations

The next place an employee might go to is the clock-in area. Here is another place to draw people’s attention to the rules on staying home and social distancing. If someone is feeling under the weather, here is the spot to advise him to go home. Putting a miniature or large banner here is also a good way to start employees’ day off right with the rules front and center.


Depending on your office setup, you might find that putting teardrop sail signs on desks around the office building could also be beneficial. As long as you don’t go overboard, this simple little sign can be a friendly reminder to company members. If not on employees’ desks, the front desk in the lobby can also be an apt location for a sign.


When sanitation is of utmost importance, what better place to put health and safety signage than in the restrooms? Either on the doors or on the walls, coronavirus signage can kindly ask people to wash their hands the proper way, go home if they are sick, and keep one’s distance. 

Lobbies and Common Rooms

Lastly, lobbies and common areas like conference rooms and kitchens are likely the easiest places to forget to practice social distancing. Signs here are crucial, especially as visitors may come through who don’t know the office building’s standards. For the best type of signage for your office spaces, contact FORMost Graphic Communications today! 

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