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Ways to Promote Social Distancing at Work

Ways to Promote Social Distancing at Work

Here are several ways to promote social distancing in your office or business.

While some companies are taking work back to the office, there is still a need for caution amid the coronavirus. With cases tentatively on the rise, offices will want to strive to maintain social distancing to reduce the spread. FORMost Graphic Communications, a printing and marketing company located in the Washington, D.C., area, offers numerous products to help you accomplish this goal. Read on to learn about these items as well as other ways to promote social distancing at work.

PPE Products

Two personal protection equipment that FORMost Graphic Communications offers are face masks and hand sanitizers. Companies are responsible for the protection of their employees in various ways, and one of these is health and safety. Wearing face masks along with hand sanitization can significantly reduce the spread of aerosolized viruses. FORMost has surgical masks and cotton masks. For the latter, companies and employees can personalize them with an embroidered logo and color. PPE products are the first aid to personal and public health.

Workspace Arrangement

The next step is to think about crowd management. Rooms with groups of people working together could pose a hurdle to social distancing. If your office has an open-concept plan, spacing out the desks and placing partitions between each section can create distance and privacy.

Health & Safety Signage

Humans are forgetful creatures. Even though the practice of social distancing may be drilled into people’s habits already, older habits are still strong. To keep safe during this time, a business can use coronavirus signage to remind employees to stay six feet apart, wash their hands thoroughly, and stay home if they feel sick. FORMost has a broad range of signage types and sizes from which to choose.

Company Floor Graphics

One type of signage that they provide that especially promotes social distancing is floor graphics. They offer companies circular indoor and outdoor decals that one can place at specific points. Wherever lines may form in your business location, floor decals will promote social distance.


Even with all the tools for keeping healthy and safe, businesses need to communicate guidelines and expectations to their team first. Company-wide emails that are clear and encouraging will help everyone work together well in these times.

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