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4 Creative Uses for QR Codes

A few years ago, QR codes were introduced as the next big thing. Since then, there has been some debate about whether they are effective, useful…dead even. While I don’tqrcode.14084129 think they changed our lives, I think there are still some effective uses of them. Our customers often print them on business cards, allowing a quick scan of the card to input all of the contact info into a smartphone. Sounds useful to me!

Here are four more creative uses for QR codes you may not have considered…

Real-Time Information

Displayed in train stations or bus stops, QR codes can give people up-to-date information about travel information, announcements, or special events. They can also keep people informed about sales in a department store or specials in a restaurant.

Share Tunes

Back in the 80s and 90s we recorded music on blank cassettes or burned CDs of Napster downloads. Today’s version of the mixtape? A QR code leading to a custom playlist on Spotify. After deciding on the perfect playlist, you send your friend a greeting card containing a QR code that will lead the recipient directly to the music. How neat!

Enhance Experiences

Some museums and galleries have been using QR codes to add to the exhibits by taking visitors to audio tours or more in-depth information about the exhibit.

Nutrition Info

Universities are using QR codes at cafeteria check-out points to allow students to look up nutritional information on their food and learn about new menu items.



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