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5 Tips to Avoid Spam Filters

Whether you are sending business correspondence to someone for the first time via email, or you are developing an email marketing campaign, your email won’t do much good if it doesn’t reach the recipient. While there is no guarantee that your email won’t go to the spam folder, the more you understand spam, the better your chances for success.

Here are 5 Tips to Avoid SPAM FILTERSemail


Avoid Trigger Words

Your subject line should not contain words that tripper spam filters. Words such as, “Act Now,” “50% Off,” “Don’t Delete,” and “Special Promotion” are examples.

Watch Caps Lock and Punctuation

Multiple dollar signs or exclamation points can trigger the filter as well as all caps. (And plus, all caps is just rude, right?)

Avoid Colored Backgrounds

Stick with a plain, white background. Don’t get fancy with a colored background or Microsoft stationery. Spam filters hate those!

Limit URL Links

It’s best to have only one link in an email. Spam filters are skeptical of messages with multiple links because spammers often fill messages with links hoping to increase the changes of the recipient clicking on one.

Use a Unique Subject Line

Choose familiar words like your name, company name, or the name of a person with whom the recipient is already familiar.


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