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FORMost Office Supplies – Fun Facts

Technology has certainly changed the way we run our offices, but traditional office supplies are still necessary and in demand. Did you know that you can order your office supplies through FORMost? We carry more than 80,000 products and our system allows you to order online and receive your products the very next day. offsup1

Although they may not seem all that interesting, office products actually have some pretty neat origins.

Did you know?

  • Bette Clair McMurry, while working as a secretary at a local bank in the 1950s, invented Liquid Paper. She grew tired trying to hide typing mistakes and one day, while watching painters in her office, she came up with the idea to create white-out paint.  She sold the product from her garage for 17 years, until it turned into a million-dollar enterprise. In 1979, she sold her company to Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million.
  • The first stapler was used by King Louis XV of France. Rumor has it that the very first staples were made of solid gold and bedazzled with precious gems. How fancy!
  • The very first “Post-It” note was used as a placeholder in a choir hymnal. The inventor of the adhesive, Spencer Silver, created the less-than-permanent adhesive when he was actually hoping for something much stronger. He held on to the ‘mistakes’ and three years later his colleague decided to use the paper to mark his place in his church hymnal. (His regular bookmark kept falling out.) It worked and a product was born!
  • Before the invention of the rubber eraser, people often used bread to remove charcoal marks from paper.



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