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4 Elements of an Effective Logo

Your logo is the face of your company. Because we are responsible for maintaining the integrity of your brand using various mediums (print, web, embroidery, etc.) the effectiveness of your logo is as important to us as it is to you and your business. We need to be able to reproduce it on various substrates like paper, plastic, cotton, wood, and leather. We need to shrink it down to ¼” high to fit on an ad specialty pen or enlarge it to five feet wide to be printed on a giant banner.

Creating a great logo sounds easy, right? Not exactly. For our graphic designers, creating the right logo is quite a challenge that requires research, creativity, and combining all the right elements.

Here are the four basic elements that make for a great logo:

1. Distinct

Your logo needs to be recognizable at the smallest size and it should be effective without color. If a logo is no good at a small size in black, then no amount of color or effects will make it work.

2. Memorable

If you can’t describe what it looks like, then how will you be able to remember it? Think about the world’s most memorable logos. You could describe them to a 6-year-old in seconds.

3. Creates the Right Impression

A logo needs to be relevant to your business. It needs to properly reflect the vibe and style of your business. A logo for a bank needs to look very different from a logo for a night club.

4. Longevity

Most businesses would like to use their logo for years to come. For this reason, it is best not to follow trends and to choose a typeface that is not going to look dated in time.

If your current logo does not meet these requirements, perhaps it is time to makeover your image!

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