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Violet’s Top 5 Apparel Items of 2013

Some say I’m picky. I call it particular. I know what I like and when I like something, I’m not afraid to let you know it! This month, I am loving the new apparel items from one of our favorite suppliers, SanMar. They have really done a great job of designing clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. Paired with FORMost’s screenprinting, embroidery, or heat transfer services,  tradeshows are a lot more fashionable these days!

Here it goes…




#1 – Eddie Bauer Soft Shell Jacket

I have this jacket in the ladies version and I love it! It is so light weight, but deceivably warm. The fabric is breathable, but weather-stopping with lots of great zippered pockets to stow keys, smartphones, and wallets. A heat transfer logo looks fantastic on this sleek soft shell material. (And the imprint lasts for YEARS without fading or peeling.) Comes in ladies and mens sizes. Choose from black, blue, or grey.

Eddie Bauer Soft Shell Jacket



#2 – Red House Ladies French Cuff Non-Iron Pinpoint Oxford

We would never think of making a man wear a ladies shirt to a tradeshow so why make a lady wear a mens cut?! (It’s happened to me and trust me, a burlap sack would be more flattering.) There are several ladies styles available these days. They are less boxy, with a narrower torso, shorter arms and shoulder-to-tail length, and my personal favorite: necklines to flatter a woman’s figure. Okay, okay before we start getting too graphic here… The moral of the story is: order ladies shirts for the ladies in your company!

This Red House gem is the best of the best.  The material is quite lovely and it won’t need to be ironed after you dig it out of the suitcase. We can embroidery your company logo on the shirt and have you tradeshow-ready in no time.

Red House Ladies Oxford



#3 – Hanes Beefy-T 100% Cotton Long Sleeved T-Shirt

A FORMost favorite! We carefully selected and tested several t-shirts this fall for our FORMost Give Back initiative and this one was the winner! It’s been with us through 5Ks and food drives, company picnics and casual Fridays. We love it for its substantial 6.1 ounce 100% cotton because it wears great and washes even better. We also love its annoyance-free tagless label.

Hanes Beefy-T Long Sleeved T-Shirt



#4 – Optic Polo

This polo-style shirt is made of double knit poly mesh material with stay-cool wicking technology. It has an edgy design and is not the least bit frumpy so it will make you look more like Tiger Woods and less like the Big Lebowski. Available in black, indigo, grey, and chartruse.  Looks awesome with one of our heat transfer logos!


Optic Polo


#5 – Mountain Lodge Blanket

This blanket is so soft and warm it makes you never want to leave the couch on a cold winter’s night! It makes a great promotional gift for just about any audience. One side fleece, one side sherpa. We suggest subtle tone-on-tone embroidery of your logo in a corner. Available in grey or brown.


Mountain Lodge Blanket




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