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Pressure Seal Equipment DC, Maryland, Virginia

We’ve all received one. A piece of mail, usually a tax document or check, that requires us to fold at a perf and tear off the edges to reveal the document. It’s Pressure Seal, and it’s been part of our offerings here at FORMost for years. It is an efficient way to deliver paychecks, utility bills, medical bills, tax forms, PIN notifications and more. It eliminates the need for an envelope and speeds up production of your in-house mailings. We’ve got the equipment you need, the forms, and the expertise to help get you up and running.

What is pressure seal?

Pressure Seal is a system comprised of a one-page self-sealing document and/or a folder sealer for sealing the document.

How does it work?

Pressure Seal forms are sealed through a process of folding the form on a pressure seal folder/sealer machine. By folding the form, patterns of “co-hesive” are aligned. Then, the form is put through a series of rollers that apply pressure and activate the co-hesive to create a secure seal. (Co-hesive is like adhesive, but requires two patterns to be placed on top of each other and pressure to be applied in order to create a bond.)

Why Use Pressure Seal?

Pressure Seal allows you to maximize volume while minimizing processing time. It can reduce costs by reducing postage and eliminating traditional envelopes. It increases confidentiality and security and reduces labor and maintenance.

If you are interested in learning more about Pressure Seal and how it can help you to automate your regular mailings, check out our catalog of equipment here, or call us for a quotation or consultation.



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