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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

With so much emphasis on smartphones and tablets and social media these days, many people wonder if business cards are still relevant. I’m here to tell you that, yes, they are.  Now more than ever.

Business cards are our physical networking tool in a virtual world. They are one of the few tangible items we can give someone these days and their impact is great.

Recently, I was contacted by a gentleman who I met briefly 18-months prior at a local restaurant. Eighteen months! And do you want to know why he contacted me? Because he came across my business card and remembered me. Granted this example is a personal dating adventure vs. a business exchange, but talk about staying power! This leads to the first reason why business cards are still relevant…


1. Memory

A business card will automatically remind someone of where you met and the conversation you shared. Sensory marketing principles tell us that by utilizing all of the human senses, we can have a greater impact on an audience. The business card brings another sensory element, touch, into the picture which will only help someone to remember you.

2. Control

Having a business card gives you control. It allows you to highlight exactly how you would prefer people get in touch with you. Spend most of your day on Twitter?  Highlight your Twitter handle on your card. On the road all week? Give people your mobile number and leave the office number off.

Another way having a business card gives you control is that it is easy to pass on. If you are leaving a networking event and have run out of time to chat with a certain attendee, drop your card with him on the way out. It is a quick way to ensure you get a change to chat later.

3. Personality

Your card is not just a piece of paper with your contact information. It is an extension of your brand! The quality, color, and texture of your card all contribute to a powerful visual impact. It will tell the recipient what type of business you represent in a way that swapping numbers on a smartphone cannot.


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