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5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile – Social Media, Rockville, MD

Many of us know we should have a LinkedIn profile. We know what it is and understand the basic gist of how it works, but how can we really make it work for us?

Here are my top five ways to maximize your LinkedIn profile.

1.  Complete your profile!

It sounds simple, but many profiles remain only partially completed. It’s kind of like when Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Get that profile to 100% complete! It really is the least you can do.

2.  Connect.

Make it a point to connect with each new person you meet. Doing so will open you up a whole new type of communication. Plus, should the contact ever leave her current company, you’ll always know where to find her once her company email address is obsolete.

3. Upload a photo.

People like to see your picture. It makes your profile personal and allows people to put a face with a name. If you don’t have a professional headshot, grab a good shot of yourself from your Facebook page or have a friend take a photo. And no matter how much more hair you may have had, make sure it’s not from high school. You do want people to recognize you!

4.  Join groups.

If you want to get noticed, join groups on LinkedIn. Join them, ask questions, answer questions, or moderate one. This will help to keep you up-to-speed in your industry and at the same time, it will give you an opportunity to add value to your colleagues.

5.  Ask for recommendations.

The best way to get recommendations is to give them. Select a customer or supplier with whom you have a good relationship and exchange recommendations. Recommendations can be the most powerful part of your profile and they will be noticed by, and even sought out by potential clients or prospects.


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