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Marketing with PURLs

What is a PURL?

A Personalized Uniform Resource Locator (PURL) is a unique web address that leads your recipients to a webpage created specifically for him. The recipient’s personal information is fed into the landing page from a database so that each landing page has its own unique name, company, offer, etc.


When to use PURLs

PURLs are used in direct marketing. They work well in conjunction with a direct mail piece like a post card or letter.

Since the most effective PURLs include personalization beyond a simple, “Hello, Greg Jones,” it is best to use PURLs when you have an established list. The list should include background information about the recipient that will allow you to cater the piece to his interests. Is he a homeowner? What are his hobbies? Knowing these types of things will allow your PURL to have the most impact.

Why PURLs?

Studies show that brain activity increases when we hear our own name.

Seeing your own name as part of the URL does something that a generic URL does not. It piques your interest. It makes you a bit curious. It engages you in a way that a standard post card or webpage does not. It is for this reason that PURLs can be so successful and it is why they often experience double the return of a non-personalized mailing.

Use PURLs to increase membership, gather information about your customers, or generate leads. Contact FORMost for more information about PURLs and creating your next cross-media campaign.



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